Will These 4 Super Powered Bromances Last the Test of Time?

Superheroes are a rare breed. And even rarer are superdudes that can step out of the drama long enough to create that rare male bond called a “bromance.”

I’m sure we all have our favorite super-powered couples from either the DC or Marvel Universe. But let’s stray away from intimacy for a moment, and take a step towards friendship. Let’s talk about the brotherly bonds that our heroes across the Multiverse have shared, and take a look at some of the most memorable bromances.

4. Spider-Man & Human Torch

Peter Parker and Johnny Storm have had a bromance going on for as long as I can remember. They may call each other things like ‘web head’ and ‘hot head’ but we know that it’s all love. The two costumed youngsters started off as friendly rivals before eventually turning into the best of friends, forming a bond thicker than Spidey’s webbing.

From hooking up at the Coffee Bean, to meeting on top of the Statue of Liberty, these two have shared many memories, ones that I’ll surely never forget! The two have evolved as heroes, as well as brothers. They’ve become a large part of each other’s lives over the years. Spidey has even lended his help on several occasions to the world’s first superhero team, the Fantastic Four!

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