Which of these 5 is the Nightwing? The Pros, Cons and Could-Bes!

Could the new Nightwing be a woman? Could it be someone you wouldn’t even suspect? Take a quick 5 count down to see who could be hold the title…

In the DC Universe, superhero identities are often mantles for different characters. Character often change identities or ‘graduate’ into a new guise. For a long period of time, Dick Grayson was known to comic fans as Nightwing. Before that, he was Robin. He even spent some time as Batman.

Now, Dick’s given up being Nightwing with the world believing he’s dead. He’s spending his time in the secret spy ageny, Spyral, and just goes by Grayson, or Agent 37. As much as we’d love for Dick to return to being Nightwing (and with a return to the blue costumed version as well), we’re really enjoying watching the events unfold in GRAYSON. We say, let Dick be a spy for a while longer but the name and guise of Nightwing is too good to let go to waste. Perhaps it’s time for someone else to graduate and become the new Nightwing.

5. Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain has a long history in the Batman Universe. Unfortunately, all of that has changed with theNew 52. She will be returning to current continuity in the pages of BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL. Previously she’s gone through different identities as Batgirl and Black Bat. Batgirl is being used byBarbara Gordon and I never cared for the Black Bat name for her (plus that name belongs to anothercomic book character).

PROS: Back in 2011, we suggested Cassie become Nightwing when Dick was Batman. She has a strong following and is a highly skilled fighter. We’re not sure what her return will mean for the character or where she’ll be in her own timeline. She deserves a good name.

CONS: This could be a Cassie with less experience. We don’t know how long she’s been fighting. It’d be hard for her to graduate to the mantle without any prior connection to Batman. Unless, as last we saw her in the pre-New 52 universe, she’s been working undercover for Bruce in Hong Kong.

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