Supergirl Gets Real: The Evolution of Jimmy Olsen!

The times, they are a’ changing. Our favorite superhero stories are not immune from this condition! And while some would say it’s for the worse, we say it’s for the better! Why, just ask the new Jimmy Olsen…

(Warning – the following may contain incredibly mild SPOILERS for the forthcoming season of Supergirl. Proceed with accordingly mild caution…)

Over the years, Superman has had his fair share of romantic entanglements (using with the initials L.L), and more foes, allies and inter-dimensional wizard beings than pretty much any other superhero going. What he’s only ever had one of, though, is a true pal, in the form of James Bartholomew ‘Jimmy’ Olsen.

With over 70 years of experience of being Superman’s sort-of-sidekick, Olsen has traditionally been an eager and misadventure-prone cub reporter/photojournalist at the Daily Planet. In CBS’ new superhero showSupergirl, however, it looks as though Olsen could be set to take on a brand new role: that of the worldly-wise mentor of an inexperienced hero.

The big question, though?

Just How Much Has Jimmy Olsen Changed inĀ Supergirl?

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