Harley Bunny Hops into a Playgirl Crossover!

You can’t keep a bad girl down, especially when she’s dressed up like a bunny. A playboy bunny at that! Take it away, Harley!

Geek Girl Purelight Cosplay looks super sexy cosplaying as a bunny version of Harley Quinn from their DC Bunnies group cosplay! Here’s what she had to say…

“Hey there puddins!!!!!! Oh my goodness do I ever love working with Ailes Noires! its such a pleasure to work with such a goldenhearted wonderful young woman who is just bursting with talent. I loved getting a chance to make my harley bunnysuit. I made it all from velveteen and added a full corset on the inside to keep the right shape. I hope to make lots of them in the future how that I have it figured out :)”

Bunny Harley Cosplay
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