Comic Con Girls Gone Geek Style!

It’s always awesome to see the female side of the ever expanding cosplay community take things into their own sexy, nerdy, crafty little hands!

Geek Girl Wandering Dana here, reporting on this year’s Fan Expo Canada, which was an absolute blast! I always have tons of fun, but this year for me seemed even more epic! The crowd control and flow was greatly improved from previous years. I never saw any lines to get in and there were a lot less traffic jams on the floor near the escalators and such. Of course the crowds were insane, just as they always are, after all this is Canada’s largest convention which covers all genres including comics, sci-fi, horror, anime & gaming and had over 127,000 attendees last year. And they finally put up “Cosplay Is Not Consent” signs which is greatly appreciated by the cosplay community.

So this year I opted to just take random shots as opposed to doing any planned professional photoshoots with cosplayers like I usually do so that I could experience the most of the con and have time to attend many events. There was so much to do and see, we will have lots more Fan Expo coverage coming at you over the next few days. I’ll have a celebrity wrap up and photo/video post coming up soon. Also our photographer Geek Girls Ailes Noires and Jenn Marvel were both there doing professional photoshoots with cosplayers so there will be so much more to share with you.

For now here are just a few of my fav cosplay shots that I took with some of the amazing and diverse cosplayers at Fan Expo this year! Everyone was so nice and accommodating to let me take their photo and fawn over their wonderfully creative costumes! Thank you so much everyone I met for sharing your awesome geekiness with the world! We will be uploading TONS more photos to an album on the Geek Girls facbook page soon, so be sure to follow it for updates!

Cosplayers at Fan Expo 2015
Lady Violet Designs, Cece Cosplay & Art by Lee Howard
Cosplayers at Fan Expo 2015
Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue

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